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The only branding agency with in-house design & production

What we do

We’re the only brand activation agency with in-house design and manufacture of displays and exhibits.

So you get great ideas, together with seamless production and roll-out of your branding experiences or experiential displays & stands.

In-house manufacture also means that you get to see your displays before they go live, ensuring you sleep easy coming up to a big branding event.

You can use us for brand activation events, product launches, pop up shops and retail promotions.

large event for Nespresso
Coffee company product launch London

Let’s work together

You know your brand, we know events, and together we’re unbeatable.

So the first step is that we talk, and throw around some initial ideas before putting together a fully-costed design proposal.

When you decide to go-ahead, we move into the production of your brand event.

We will create your displays in our exclusive Prestige Events System, a fantastic solution that is environmentally responsible, safe and quick to build, and presents your brand within a 100% graphical environment.

Brand Activation Agency

Working with thousands of companies – big and small.

For every big-name we’ve worked with, we’ve worked with dozens of SME’s and start-up brands.

And with every customer, we feel a personal responsibility to getting it right for their brand activation event or product launch.

Some of the more well-known brands we’ve worked with, includes the Bank of England, Olympus, Virgin Holidays and Tesco Technology.

display at retail promotion event
Brand activation agency event Glasgow for agency

Prestige Events System

The only brand event system with the 100% graphic look.

Your event needs to be both successful and cost-effective. A branding event or product launch designed and built-in Prestige achieves both.

Displays look incredible, with panoramic lifestyle graphics, inset with stunning product display and digital displays.

Displays are safe and easy to setup, and lightweight for transport and storage. And because they’re modular, you can reconfigure for different space at future branding events.

We’re a brand activation agency that can manage the entire roll-out, including installation, or we can train your people to easily self-assemble your displays.

About our Agency

Brand activation agency with 20-years experience, over 10,000 successful projects, and 700 positive reviews.

It’s vital you choose an experienced outfit for your branding event.

Fluffy agencies with no in-house production, may tell a good story, but if they sub-contract your project, you could be on shaky ground.

We handle the entire project, from design, through production and print, to final installation. Nothing is left to chance, and we never cut corners.

We’re the only brand activation agency with in-house design and manufacture, so you’re in good-hands!

Call us on 0800 019 21 41 or email 

display at retail promotion event

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